The Multi-tasking World of Dental Assistants

Do you thrive in work environments that push you to multitask? Then dental assisting may be just the career you’ve been dreaming of.

The top-notch training you’ll receive at the Dental Assisting Training School will certify you to handle basic clinical and administrative issues. You’ll know how to create good relationships with patients and help dentists with important tasks such as equipment sterilization and taking x-rays. You’ll also have the skills to make appointments, keep patient files and deal with insurance paperwork.

The one thing you’ll never have to worry about is getting bored. That’s because a dentist’s office or clinic is a busy place that provides DAs with an ongoing variety of things to do on a daily basis.

Dental assisting will demand that you stay current in the field. And if you’re like most busy-brained multi-taskers, you’ll eventually want to train for different specialties in such areas as infection control, radiation safety and patient relations . . . which will make you even more versatile!

Over time, you may evolve from a dental assistant into a dental office manager or even a dentist. Or you may go on to enjoy a fulfilling career in teaching, sales or another dental assisting-related specialty area. The list of possibilities is as exciting as it is endless.

At DATS, we’ll provide you with the education you need to secure the first rung in a challenging career you’ll love. When you’re looking for an affordable way to enter a booming field with a bright financial outlook, contact us!

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