Pathways to Becoming a Dental Assistant

So you’ve been thinking about becoming a dental assistant but aren’t sure of the steps you need to take to get there.

Depending on where you live, there are two basic ways to accomplish this.


Some states require assistants to graduate from an accredited program and pass a state exam. The state of Texas does not require that you have more than a high school diploma to start. However, going to an accredited institution such as the Dental Assistant Training School gives you a competitive edge over individuals who don’t go through any programs.

When you go through a  dental assistant course of study, you can expect to do work in both classroom and laboratory settings. You will learn about teeth, gums, jaws and other areas the dentist work on as well as about the instruments that dentists use for their work.


Even if you don’t go through a dental assisting program, you’ll still need to get some type of on-the-job/in-house training.  This is because each dentist as his or her own way of doing things. And those who work as their assistants will at least need to learn the set of procedures that particular dentist uses in the office and with patients.

Once you have received your education and/or training, you’ll be on your way. In Texas, no certification or licensing is required to be a dental assistant. But if you want to expand your career horizons and become a registered dental assistant or hygienist, then you will need to take specific courses and tests.

The Dental Assisting Training School of Harlingen can make your transition into the world of dental assisting easier and faster than you think. You can complete our top-rated program of study in less than three months and be in an exciting new job in less than six. Better still, our fees are easy on your pocketbook. When you’re ready to change your career and life for the better, contact us!

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