Professional Options for Dental Assistants in the Dental Field

Once you become a dental assistant, you’ll have many options for professional growth and career expansion. If you face any challenges at all, it will be figuring out how you want to grow.

Two major types of dental assisting career paths exist that you can follow. One entails you broadening your chairside role and the other, shifting your focus in the dental field.

Here are the main career options for which you can eventually qualify:

Certified dental assistant

Your CDA credentials–which include certification for radiation health and safety and infection control–will help you gain greater recognition and increase your earning potential.

Expanded function dental assistant

This is the next step up from being a certified dental assistant. It’s a great way to take on more responsibilities–such as those involving coronal polishing and administering topical fluoride and topical anesthetic to patients–and help move you up the ladder of success.

Dental hygienist

At this level, you get to clean teeth and advise patients. This position comes with more pay and greater work-hour flexibility. To become a dental hygienist, you will need to earn at minimum an associate’s degree in dental hygiene and complete licensing exams for the state of Texas.


This is the most advanced role within a dental practice. All dentists must have a college degree, complete 4 years of dental school and then pass a series of state licensing examinations to get DDS or DMD certification. While it is not essential, some decide to continue their professional education by completing a residency program in a dental specialty such as orthodontics.

At the Dental Assistant Training School of Harlingen, we give you the tools you need to enter the exciting world of dentistry. The job outlook for this field is good, especially if you have the credentials to start.  Let us help you build a solid foundation for professional success today!

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