Victoira Montalvo, DATS graduate, with another student
Victoira Montalvo, DATS graduate, with another student

Why did you decide to become a dental assistant?
I always knew that I wanted to help other people in the career I chose. Dental assisting sounded interesting and I wanted a challenging experience while helping people at the same time.

Why did you come to the Dental Assistant Training school?
It seemed like a quick, affordable and easy way to jump-start my career.

What features did you like about DATS that was different from other programs you looked at?
What I really like about the DATS program was how quick and short the course was. I also liked that most of the course was hands-on learning.

How long did the course take you?
The course was only eight weeks long. It was so convenient and I felt like I became an important part of the dental field immediately!

Any memorable moments you would like to share?
The course was so much fun! The instructors were great! They were very kind, caring and helpful throughout the course. I also had a lot of fun learning and practicing dental assistant skills with my classmates!

Now that you graduated, what do you think of the experience?
The experience was awesome! I learned and am still learning so much about the dental field.

Would you do anything differently?
No, I am so glad I took the DATS program. Everything about it was great!

If someone would come up to you to ask for advice on what they should do to become a dental assistant, what would you tell them?
I would definitely tell them about the DATS program. I will let them know how fun, quick, easy and affordable it is and how it changed my career and my life.

Victoira Montalvo
DATS Graduate