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Dental Assistant Training School Harlingen

Are you looking for a career in the health care industry – a job with good pay and benefits and a foot in the door for advancement?

In less than nine weeks, Harlingen Family Dentistry’s Dental Assistant Training School can provide you with the education and job experience needed to qualify you for the in-demand career of dental assisting.

Training is inexpensive, and class schedules let you keep your current job while training for your new career. DATS was created by dentists facing a continuing shortage of dental assistants.

And DATS students get real-world experience in a working dental complex – one of the largest in the United States, Harlingen Family Dentistry. It is experience that gets you past that “experience required” hurdle on the job application.

Get started by exploring our site, and by filling our our form for pre-enrollment and more information.

The DATS Philosophy

The DATS philosophy is that people can be trained in a relatively short period of time to enter the world of professional dental assisting. We believe our course will prepare any motivated individual to get their first job. We also believe that the amount of on-the-job experience – not classroom hours – is the best teacher. It is our purpose to equip each student with the basic skills to enter the workplace, and begin to gather experience. Our many years in the profession not only qualifies us to teach these skills, but also gives us the chance to share the “golden nuggets” we’ve discovered along the way.

DATS Rio Grande Valley is owned and operated by Dr. Juan Villarreal, founder of Harlingen Family Dentistry, a large and successful dental practice.